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All of us have noticed that around 20% delegates in any conference, send abstract but due to some personal or official engagements find it difficult to attend the conference. In this case they even do not register for conference. It’s a big loss for conference. Here GIAP team comes into action.
In this context we would like to help conferences in bringing more participants and audiences across the globe. These extra participants can present their research online using our software.

GIAP shall:

  • Contact delegates and pursue to register in conference, pay fees to your account and present their paper using our software in E-track.
  • GIAP shall do publicity of conference in social media and contacts database of around 10,000 academicians.
  • GIAP will run one online E-track for these participants.
  • In jury team, conference organizer mayappoint 1 to 2 members and 1 member will be appointed by GIAP.
  • GIAP shall follow evaluation criterion fixed by organizingcommittee. And results will be notified immediately after track is over.
  • All members, delegates will be given freetraining on software.

For this, organizers need to:

  • Include GIAP as e-track conference partner in event website and conference materials.
  • Include one online E-track in program list and its benefits.

To know more, and our service charges feel free to contact us at or whats app contact +96897362302 or tweet @giapjournals

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