STDC 2014 (OMAN)

Symposium on Sustainable Technology & Development (STDC – 2014)

The Symposium on Sustainable Technology & Development (STDC – 2014) organized by Department of Engineering of Al Musanna College of Technology, Oman, is a forum for academicians, researchers, professionals, administrators, and entrepreneurs. The symposium will act as a platform for the dissemination of knowledge regarding sustainable technology and development.
STDC 2014 aimed to provide a common platform for academicians, researchers, industrial personnel and scholars to share their innovative ideas and research results to review and identify gaps that we need to address and emerging issues, where we need to surge ahead towards sustainability of technology &
The symposium is intended in reinvigorating discussions on sustainable development to identify shortcomings, replicate successes, and to avail ourselves of new science, information and the technologies to make real advancements.


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