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ISSN is a worldwide identification code used by publishers, suppliers, libraries, information services, bar coding systems, union catalogues, etc. for citation and retrieval of serials such as Journals, Newspapers, Newsletters, Directories, Yearbooks, Annual Reports & Monograph series, etc. The benefits include international publicity and recognition of the serial by automatic inclusion in the International Serials Directory Database.

The International Journal of Students Research in Technology & Management (IJSRTM) has been the assigned the unique online ISSN 2321-2543.

Serials are print or non-print publications issued in parts, usually bearing issue numbers and/or dates. A serial is expected to continue indefinitely. Serials include magazines, newspapers, annuals (such as reports, yearbooks, and directories), journals, memoirs, proceedings, transactions of societies, and monographic series .


The ISSN is the International Standard Serial Number, which allows the identification of serial publications. It’s a standard numeric code made up of 8 digits whose last digit is a control character that may be the letter “X”.


The ISSN distinguishes a particular serial from others. The ISSN also helps library patrons, libraries, and others who handle large numbers of serials to find and identify titles in automated systems more quickly and easily.

Does the ISSN Have Any Meaning Embedded in the Number
Unlike the ISBN, which contains country and publisher prefixes, the ISSN contains no inherent meaning.

You have a dream to start and manage your research journal but facing technical, legal and financial challenges?
Contact us, give few basic informations and RELAX….
Within 10 working days your journal will go live…..

We shall provide:

  • Complete journal website on OJS (Open Journal Software) for your journal with all necessary guidelines for your authors.
  • Payment arrangement directly into your account. 
  • Your social media integration.
  • Cross Ref DOI available.
  • ISSN, Google scholar, Academia Edu, IIFS, ISSUU Indexing.
  • Full editorial, review, designing, branding, financial autonomy. 
  • ​Login and password to control journal at your end. 
  • Any other help as mutually agreed. 

Dr Rishav Raj, MBBS, MD, Odisha, India was planning to start a research journal for medical community, which can be fast track and easy to operate. Obviously due to his medical background, he was finding it difficult because it was bit challenging for him.
One fine day he approached GIAP for help in completing his dreams. After hard work of one week, YUVA Journal of Medical Sciences (YJMS) was a reality. GIAP helped him in developing, designing and publishing journal of his choice.

Case Study of YJMS


P’s smart conferences are eco-friendly, because right from start, publicity, marketing, publication and execution. Here all activities are done on computer using good speed internet. Speakers present their papers, training etc from their place of comfort using our software. Audiences listen, participate in polls, workshop, training on their smart phones from any place.

Salient features:

  • These events are paperless events.
  • Participants, organizers, audiences need not to travel to attend event. 
  • Huge amount of money and time of delegates and speakers are saved on travel, accommodation and other overhead expenses.
  • Organizers save lots of energy, time and resources in these events. 
  • All papers, lectures are published in e-books, e-journals saving lots of papers. 

ICBCES 2016(Shahjahanpur Conference)

NCICST-2015 (Kanyakumari Conference)

Confluence2015(Online Event)

IMSR 2014​(Online Event)

Confluence 2013​(Online Event)


All of us have noticed that around 20% delegates in any conference, send abstract but due to some personal or official engagements find it difficult to attend the conference. In this case they even do not register for conference. It’s a big loss for conference. Here GIAP team comes into action.
In this context we would like to help conferences in bringing more participants and audiences across the globe. These extra participants can present their research online using our software.

GIAP shall:

  • Contact delegates and pursue to register in conference, pay fees to your account and present their paper using our software in E-track.
  • GIAP shall do publicity of conference in social media and contacts database of around 10,000 academicians.
  • GIAP will run one online E-track for these participants.
  • In jury team, conference organizer mayappoint 1 to 2 members and 1 member will be appointed by GIAP.
  • GIAP shall follow evaluation criterion fixed by organizingcommittee. And results will be notified immediately after track is over.
  • All members, delegates will be given freetraining on software.

For this, organizers need to:

  • Include GIAP as e-track conference partner in event website and conference materials.
  • Include one online E-track in program list and its benefits.

To know more, and our service charges feel free to contact us at or whats app contact +96897362302 or tweet @giapjournals

GIAP invites educational institutions, research organizations to organize spot and/or online academic research conferences in any part of the world. GIAP team can help organizers in:

  • Developing full IT infrastructure, conference framework, software, license, training etc.
  • Making event website, making article database, emailing etc.
  • Preparing and publish abstract books, proceeding, invitations etc.
  • Awards, expenses, logistics, front end, back end, post event responsibilities.
  • Any other service mutually agreed by both the organizations.

Feel free to contact us at or tweet at @giapjournals or whatsapp at +96897124850

Delegates and invited speakers need to download latest version of Zoom software for laptop or smart phones or tab from following URL

  • Its free version for delegates. GIAP uses its licensed version.
  • After registration, GIAP will share conference meeting password in mail. This password needs to be used to attend the meeting during symposium. After joining the meeting, delegates need to follow instructions given by moderator.
  • Delegates need to use 3G internet connection or high speed WIFI or broadband connection to join conference. 
  • Also it is advisable to use earphone and wired speakers for better audio experience.
  • There should be sufficient light on face to transmit good quality of video. ​
  • After joining, delegates should keep themselves on MUTE MODE and avoid any noise from their surroundings. Self mute, camera close, etc facilities are available in software panel. (see image)
  • In case of any query use chat option given at the bottom of conference page. (see image)
  • Fill this form only after you receive paper acceptance notification and Conference fee is paid.
  • If there are more than one author for the article, this form should be filled by presenter.
  • Team AMSCO will communicate with presenter only.
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About AMSCO 2016

The ‘Ancient Mathematics & Science for Computing’ (AMSCO) has become one of the most highly regarded conference of its kind in the world. As it is only its kind of Worlds 1st On-line international conference serving as a truly global gathering of top academicians and innovators.
Now, it is the earliest conference which will take place during October 21st to 22nd, 2016, as its nodal center Bengal College of Engineering and Technology, Durgapur, West Bengal, India. In this initial year, the events attract an impressive lineup of academicians thought leaders and experts as well as a diverse audience of researchers to learn more about Ancient Mathematics & Science as well as Computing. Drawing on cutting-edge research from both a local and global perspective, AMSCO provides a direct look into the progressive and respected approach within the academic research sector and around the world. The ideas share and connections made at AMSCO have the potential to inspire and create positive impact in our society.
In every walk of life, to perform any task, techniques are required which are derived from Science. Further, Mathematics is the mother of all sciences, whereas the Computing is a technique which performs every task faster. It is observed that, undoubtedly our past techniques, obviously the Science and the Calculation technique, are at the level of highest degree in comparison of techniques available now-a-days.
Hence, it is decided that to provide the techniques of ancient mathematics and science in computing to solve maximum problems of the society in their daily life.


Two Best Paper Award Certificate for each technical session as decided by jury.


  • All accepted abstracts will be published in Conference Proceedings e-Book bearing ISBN [978-93-83006-14-4] and cross ref doi 10.18510/amsco2k16
  • Full length paper will be published in International, Cross ref, ISSN, peer reviewed journals.

Paper Template

Authors are suggested to download the given template and prepare full paper in this template only.

AMSCO 2K16 Fees

Delegates Earily Bird Fee (USD) Late Fees (USD)
Faculties PhD Researchers 30 50
MSc students and Audiences 20 30
Industry Persons 30 50

How to Pay AMSCO 2K16 Fees?

1. Pay Online Here (For Paying in Indian Rupee only)
2. NEFT transfer in following account and mail the (scanned) receipt to
Bank Account : Central Bank of India
Account Name: Gyandhara International Academic Publications
Account Number: 3221446180
IFSC Code: CBIN0281621
Swift Code (for outside India candidates ONLY) : CBININBBOSB
Branch : Juhu Vile Parle (West), Mumbai, 400056, India
3. Cash Deposit into any branch of Central Bank of India (using above mentioned details) and mail the scanned receipt with full details of author on
4. Foreign nationals can pay through direct bank transfer to above bank or Western Union. Contact us at before initiating payment to get assistance.

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