Gyandhara International Academic Publication (GIAP) is a fast emerging e-publication house in Mumbai, Muscat, Jordan, Nigeria and California, registered with Ministry of Finance, Government of India.
GIAP is a 360 degree academic publication venture with mission of UNEARTHING, PUBLISHING & SHARING RESEARCH SPIRIT & IDEAS of students, faculties, educational institutes, conferences, seminars, corporate houses & individuals in indexed e-books, journals and monthly magazines.
GIAP is committed to add EXTRA VALUE in research documents of all stakeholders by quality peer review; quantitative and qualitative review reports (feedback) to authors, so that quality of research publication can be improved.

All our publications are indexed with International & Government agencies like ISSN, ISBN agencies and are widely popularized through all possible communication channels. GIAP is engaged in:

  • Research journal / Conference proceedings publication
  • Promoting and sponsoring research paper competitions and presentations.
  • Organizing conference / seminars / workshops / symposiums.
  • Promoting cross border and cross culture dialogues.