Procedure for Proceedings Publication

Dear Conference Organizer,
GIAP Journals proposes publication of proceedings of your conference in ISBN e-book.

  • ISBN number,barcode and Cross Ref unique DOI tag will be allotted and reservewithin 24 hrs of acceptance of proposal.
  • This e-book will be published and live within 15 working days from the date we receive all documents.
  • GIAP can publishthis e- book before start of event as well, if all documents are provided to us 7 days before the deadline. You can prepare CD Rom of this e-book and distribute to participants.
  • Authorship / Editorship and Copyright of this e-book will remain with event organizers unless stated otherwise.
  • It will be uploaded on Google books,Academia Edu and ISSUU as well for maximum publicity of your conference.
  • This e-book will be send to TJDb, Proquest, Cross Ref, Scopus and other International databases and libraries also for indexing and abstracting.
  • This e-book will be immediately available at ISSUU platform also. It will help your participants in easy reading, sharing, book marking and collecting analytics on your book.
  • Publicity of your event on our platforms.
  • GIAP is publication partner of various University and colleges’ technical events in India and abroad.
  • International Conference on Sustainable Manufacturing Operations Management (ISOM-2013)

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